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moonshine crew

logan hayman

Logan grew up in the West-end of Summerside, PEI kicking up dust with two best buds, Chuckie and Burnie. His thirst for adventure would take him to the oil & gas drilling rigs of Northern Canada, Southern Chile, Australia and eventually to the corporate world. After climbing the corporate mountain for many years, he was confused by the lack of fulfillment he felt. This experience would begin a soul searching trip across Cambodia, searching for deeper meaning in life and a mountain worth climbing. Little did he know it at the time, but he was embarking on the journey that would become Moonshine Endurance...a mountain worth climbing. 

charlie "chuckie" Schurman

bryan "burnie" cameron

Chuckie was born and raised in Summerside, PEI. Now a father, he is also considered the Top-Dog real estate agent on Prince Edward Island. Prior to that he followed the black gold rush West and spent many cold days on the drilling rigs of the Alberta prairies. You'll likely see him shuffling around at a Moonshine Endurance event looking for something he misplaced

Burnie boy has a heart the size of Shediac. He also followed the black gold rush West as a younger man. Eventually retreating back to PEI where he found his peace of mind on the gentle island shores. He can be usually seen carting his three wild boys around the island, or building them skateboard ramps, or backyard fire pits. He's been involved with Moonshine Endurance from day 1 and continues to play a foundational role. 


Max grew up in Alberta but has made his home on the West Coast of British Columbia. He is an active participant in Moonshine Endurance events as well as being the in house builder over seeing sports infrastructure builds. A certified carpenter by trade and the Founder of Tickety-Boo Handyman Services. 

Olivia Akergren 

Olivia grew up between Northern Germany and Southern Sweden. She is a trained photographer/videographer and is currently studying for a fitness economics degree. She is passionate about using her skills and effort to drive the Moonshine Endurance agenda. 


Armin grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden where he received his degree for architectural engineering in 2017. He is currently employed at Wahlström & Steijner where his professional focuses is on designing sports/entertainment facilities and educational institutions

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