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Measuring the success of our athletic events.

“We follow a quality over quantity philosophy”. - Moonshine Endurance

“How many athletes have signed up so far?” I hear this question year after year and the majority of the time it is a honest general inquiry, but sometimes it’s delivered with a bit of an edgy tone. Causing me to take into consideration the intention of the question and the character delivering it. Yes, it is true that the number of athletes that participate in our endurance events is a small number in comparison to other events of this nature. Yes, the total number of athletes is a unit of measurement that we consider when analyzing the success of each event. However, if I were to list out and prioritize all the units of measurement we take into consideration when evaluating the success of each event, “total number of athletes” would be nowhere near the top of the priority list.

“The size and scale of the endurance challenges requires a comprehensive logistical and safety plan to execute safely. Moonshine Endurance challenges are currently capped at 10 athletes each for this reason.”

We have considered downsizing the scale of our events, to lower the barrier for entry and induce greater participation. After much thought and discussion, it was determined such a decision would not align with our vision of being an organization that challenges and empowers athletes. Every year there are a handful of inexperienced athletes that voluntarily take on our challenges regardless of the high probability of failure. Having the courage to push forward under such circumstances is a character trait that can be learned and is applicable in not just athletic pursuits, but romantic and professional pursuits as well. This is where the magic happens; this is where the personal development happens; and being able to create the foundation that allows this character trait to manifest, be unlocked and discovered, is what blows our hair back.

“If we downsize the scale of our events we won't unlock the true value".

Having a minimum of one person from each event voluntarily accept the athletic challenge with the full understanding that he or she may not succeed, is considered a WIN at Moonshine Endurance. I have listed out some units of measurement below that are higher priority when assessing the success of our events than the number of athletes that participate.

Units of measurement used to determine the success of our events (priority order)

  • Did we make a reasonable effort to connect our community?

  • Did we make reasonable progress on our charitable agenda?

  • Did we make a reasonable effort to empower and challenge our customers?

  • Was our logistical and safety plan tight? Is there room for improvement?

  • Did we offer an athletic outlet to the community that did not exist before?

  • Did we continue to raise the bar and push our professional and athletic abilities?

  • Did we spend ourselves in a worthy way and make an effort to reduce the net suffering in the world?

  • Did we stay connected to our roots, family and friends?

  • Did we fill all available positions?

Logan Hayman President at Moonshine Endurance

Interested in participating in a Moonshine Endurance event?

Contact organizers at

Upcoming events include


Saturday, August 7th - 14KM Swim from NB to PEI


Saturday, August 14th - 275Km Bike ride across PEI.

Cam Stott, a father of three from Ontario who completed the Moonshine Endurance swim across the Northumberland Strait in 2019.

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